Raising Finance

Raising Finance

Raising Development Capital

For companies looking to raise finance for expansion, Cole Associates' objective is to raise the finance on the best terms possible for the client, namely the lowest weighted average cost of capital, including the minimum possible ownership dilution where a venture capitalist is involved.

Cole Associates' role comprises:

  • Assistance in the preparation of the Business Plan and financial projections, setting out the strategy for the business, and determining the full funding requirement.
  • Advice on the most appropriate funding structure (i.e. the mix of debt, venture capital, finance leases, grants etc).
  • Introducing the funding opportunity to a selection of the appropriate funders.
  • Assisting the client in presenting their proposals to the funders.
  • Negotiating with the funders, to obtain the funds on the most advantageous terms possible.
  • Liaising with the preferred funders throughout the remaining stages of the investment/lending process, including due diligence and legal agreements, through to credit approval and completion.


Like any business relationship, a company's association with its bank can run its natural course and need changing. We have a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the marketplace for debt and equity providers and can assist in making appropriate introductions to ensure your business is adequately funded, with a relationship and level of communication that suits both you and your funders.

Business Plans and financial projections

As a stand-alone exercise, Cole Associates can assist clients in the preparation of a Business Plan and/or detailed financial projections, using market-leading financial modelling software. We approach this as a team effort, combining your knowledge of the business and market with our knowledge and experience of setting strategy and expressing it in the form of financial projections.