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Creating and unlocking shareholder value

Creating Shareholder Value

Many business owners are frustrated with the limited appetite of the high street banks to lend money to good quality companies to finance expansion, unless the shareholders provide personal guarantees or asset security and/or accept expensive interest rate margins and arrangement fees. The banks have limited empathy with ambitious SMEs and many banks are driven by 'rule books' and internal doctrines rather than the discretion of local banking personnel. There are other forms of funding available, such as invoice discounting but many businesses do not fit the criteria for this type of lending.

Cole Capital can help fill the gap left by the banks by providing funding to SMEs to finance organic growth, recruitment of key people, and expansion into new markets, new territories, new products etc. We do this with our own funds and by teaming up with a group of private investors.

We can move quickly and the process is relatively painless compared to other forms of growth funding such as conventional institutional venture capital.

Cole Capital and our investors also provide guidance and support after investment to assist the shareholders in growing their business. A problem shared is a problem halved and we and our investors have a wealth of experience across many sectors and many types of business challenges.

This enables the shareholders to fulfil the potential of the business, through to an eventual exit.

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Unlocking shareholder value

Shareholders thinking about selling their company often face issues such as the business being dependent on them personally for its smooth operation, their desire to see it remain independent, ideally, and the business having insufficient scale to be attractive to a wide range of trade purchasers.

Alternatively large Groups can struggle to find purchasers for non-core subsidiaries and divisions due to issues such as dependence on other parts of the Group, losses and turnaround challenges, incomplete management teams, lack of scale etc.

In all these situations the conventional company sale process doesn't work. It calls for a more bespoke approach. Cole Capital can work with you to acquire your company, agreeing a deal structure that fits the owners aspirations, in terms of timescale, price, proportion sold on Day , management succession and future growth. We are endlessly flexible on the terms of the deal and can move quickly to create a deal structure that suits the unique circumstances of each company.

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